The Steel Premier League 2021 has concluded with an exciting win by Platinum Steel, making them the first Champions of Steel Premier League (SPL). We here at Unisons International hope that this is only the first of many more exciting Tournaments to come between the Steel Sector of Pakistan, with the primary focus of creating a friendly and harmonious environment between all participating companies. Such moments of friendship were seen throughout the entire day as teams and company officials congratulated each other on their victories and consoled each other at times of loss. Learning from this experience, Unisons International hopes to continue this tradition in the future with much better organization and greater enthusiasm along with similar support from participating teams as we received in SPL 2021.
We once again congratulate Platinum Steel for their well-deserved victory and hope that they continue to grow in a similar manner in the future. Thank you to all our participants and we hope to see you next time as well!